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Tradition & Experience

The Walkgard Hotels comprise of 2 tourist hotels in Kagera regions Bukoba town. The hotel has a total of 48 rooms with different views of the scenic valley town of Bukoba or the Lake Victoria

The Walkgard is the only luxurious tourist hotel in Kagera Region comprising of uphill and inner town complexes which includes conference facilities, swimming pool, bars and attractive gardens.

Awards & Recognition

Winner of the "International Tourism Award 2004" received in Madrid, Spain, for pioneering tourist development programmes for Kagera region.

Winner of "2004 International Star Award" for Quality in the Gold Category issuesd by Business Initiative Directions, Paris, France.

Winner of Second Best Overall Booth at the "2003 Karibu Tanzania Travel and Trade Fair" held in Arusha, Tanzania in May 2003.

The hotel design, from the restaurant to the rooms interior has a Modern African style fused with different situation themes for business and leisure.

Walter Robert, Design Director

NOBLE ROOTS since 2003

Our Mission is to provide the most relaxing hospitality atmosphere from all the setups of the Hotel and to provide excellent services through a team of confident and well motivated staff, as well as sensitizing and stimulating tourism in Kagera region.

Walkgard is the leader in landscape design-build, landscape construction, landscape maintenance, landscape architecture, tree care services, and tree growing in the Kagera region. Sensitizing the people and promoting tourism within Kagera region is our top priority. This drive to keep the environment clean and fertile gave birth to a non profit organization called "Kagera Environmental Care".

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